Yao Hai : Free Play of Deconstruction

Yao Hai:Free Play of  Deconstruction
OrganizerUnited Art Museum
Exhibition Place:United Art Museum (NO.16,Yezhihu Road,Hongshan District,Wuhan)
Exhibition TimeFrom June 9, 2017 to June 30, 2017
Opening Time:16:30 PM June 9, 2017
Producer:Huang Liping
CuratorJiang Yuwei
Academic Host:Lu Hong
Executive Curator:Qiu Haibo、Ai xiaozheng
Design:Ke Ming(Space)、Wang Weiqi (Graphic)
Exhibition Committee: Huang Liping, Lu Hong, Yao Hua, Gan Xingsong, Ke Ming, Qiu Haibo,Jiang Yuwei,Gu Bei,Ai Xiaozheng,Li Ziping

Free Play of Deconstruction
By Jiang Yuwei

This exhibition features acrylic paintings and site-specific installations created by artist Yao Hai during the Migrant Birds Residency Program at Wuhan Creative Capital. In his series of acrylic paintings, those irregular shapes that appear, are derived from what he called “the ‘corpse’ of his early ink paintings”. He used several types of digital software to deconstruct these ‘corpse’ images, which randomly attain new geometric graphics. Thereafter, he deployed some of the rhythmic features he found from these digital images to re-create the composition of the paintings. In addition to that, Yao Hai constantly examined and adjusted the colour relationships based on his personal experience, thus developing an abstract visual language in his works.

Inspired by the composition of the above paintings, Yao Hai hence created a series of site-specific installations. The digitally invented morphemes for the paintings once again are deconstructed in the process, becoming the spatial relationships between lines and geometries in the installations. Although, the static balance in two-dimensional art form (the paintings) is interrupted, rhythm and harmony continue to exist in the installations. In this respect, lines and geometries form a dynamic relationship with rhythm and harmony. 

In these series of works, Yao Hai perceives ‘deconstruction’ as a strategy, an unbridled approach to free play. ‘Deconstruction’ is a school of philosophy initiated by French philosopher Jacques Derrida. It entails that life is the antithesis of death. It is a structure of infinite substitutions. The play of substitutions signifies differentiation. Differentiation indicates signs of life. In order to escape mortality, one should readily affirm the presence of infinite substitutions. For Yao Hai, differentiation and deconstruction take place when he revisits his past artistic practice. He roams freely in the formerly established structures to review and clarify the significance, yet discovering new structures and meanings in the process. His creation process evolves a spiral-like ascend from zero to one then back to zero.

Yao Hai’s artistic approach is considered a multi-deconstruction process, a serious play. It not only involves deconstruction and exploration, but a series of infinite substitutions take place during the process. His works, perhaps, implies some kind of expectations for the future, or plants interesting clues which allow our imagination to fill in the blanks. 

(The author is the Curator)