Air Opening——Invitation Exhibition of Young Sculptors 2016

On September 23, 2016, “Air Opening——Invitation Exhibition of Young Sculptors 2016” kicked off in Wuhan United Art Museum.

“Air Opening——Invitation Exhibition of Young Sculptors 2016” was planned  by famous critic Mr. Sun Zhenhua. To seek new ideas and changes, the exhibition selected 30 works of outstanding breakthrough significance from 414 works of 225 young teachers, doctors, postgraduates and undergraduates from the sculpture departments nationwide, and formed a quite spectacular exhibition plan of sculptures and installations.

The exhibition was originally intended to display sculptures related to the environment of Wuhan Creative Capital and surrounding area of the Museum. The fact turned out that young sculptors were not subject to this limitation, and they came up with more academic and exploratory works and better realized the intention of “air opening”. The curator Sun Zhenhua said, “The air opening exhibition is a platform to provide opportunities for young sculptors to find differences, establish individuality, and set up respective academic characters and academic orientations; it is a incubator whose future goal is to make exhibition a starting point for young sculptors to realize their dreams. Its academic orientation is to focus on leading edge of the wind and to capture vanguard of the wind. ”

This was the second “air opening” exhibition held since 2015. Compared with the first exhibition, this year’s exhibition attracted more artists, with more works on display and wider social repercussions. The “air opening” exhibition provided an ideal platform for young artists and created a good atmosphere for the development of contemporary art.