Defibrillation - north lantau & Zhou Meng double solo exhibition

"Defibrillation - north lantau & Zhou Meng double solo exhibition" will be on June 14, 2018, 7 in us art gallery exhibition hall, the exhibition or gallery QiuHaiBo, director of the planning department as the curators, gallery view executive curator LuHong as academic chair, a total exhibition north lantau and Zhou Meng 27 pieces of two artists, types include device, image and digital image.

North lantau, born in 1993, now lives in Shanghai and London. In 2016, I graduated from the department of oil painting of nanjing university of art with a bachelor's degree. Learning exchange in 2016 in Birmingham city university school of the arts, college of education in 2017 in Venice, Italy curator, in 2018 graduated from the royal college of art print system, and obtained a master's degree. In the same year, she was nominated for the VAO new visual arts award.
Zhou meng was born in shaoxing, zhejiang province in 1992. Pruitt, 2012-2013 in the United States New York art school to study fashion design, 2013-2016 in London, United Kingdom, Cumberland, professional painting art school (BA), 2016-2018 in studying dynamic image at London's Royal Academy of arts (MA). · 2016 Cill Rialaig Residency Award, 2017 Celeste art Award, outstanding young artist, and 2018 Arte Laguna Prize.
The exhibition will feature 23 digital images from north lantau, 3 images from zhou meng and 1 space installation. As a literature writing based artist, north lantau in work trying to "text" and "image" to translate, try to explore different nationality, culture background, language under the system of "Intertextuality" (Intertextuality). Pure with most artists to express themselves in a different way, north lantau will "different clues hidden in the endless details, trying to put the audience in his own ideology, then fade out the identity of the creator, the interpretation of the decision to the audience. His works, Mr. Xie and miss yi: I know you will leave me, but I still love you deeply. The decoding and re-encoding of the image brings unlimited imagination space to the viewer.
Zhou meng's creation involves many art forms, including painting, image, sculpture, sound and installation. In this exhibition, he will display 3 images and 1 space installation works of Bamboo Yuan, Citizen Xiang and Walk Within. Because learning costume design, he has a great interest for fiber materials, silk and sensitive, and he will be silk as images to express a medium or device, in particular, he will be silk into a Hankie square silkworm (Japanese), and then spread a layer of a layer of strewn at random discretion, this process just like a cocoon, from scratch, like the metamorphosis of life. Works of the three images projected onto a different on the silk curtain of lens is depicted a Soviet assistance period of China's construction of the demolition of the building, one is the residential areas built in accordance with the river to keep the original way of life, and one is playing the jiangnan ancient club tune. The materials of these images are all from jiangnan town in China. They are shot in the form of black and white films and are deliberately processed in the editing. The passage of time, the consumption of life and the impotence of man can be felt in his works.
The exhibition, which will run until August 14, is one of the projects of the museum to promote young artists.