liu qinghe

From June 15, 2018 to November 15, 2018, "liu qinghe: the same dust" solo exhibition will be exhibited in wuhan he art museum.

Liu Qinghe, born in tianjin in 1961, with a master's degree in the central academy of fine arts in 1989, the central academy of fine arts, doctoral supervisor, associate dean of the national academy of Chinese painting art academies experimental ink painting institute. He is undoubtedly one of the pioneers on the way to present the space of contemporary ink painting. For decades, he has been expressing the character image and spiritual state of contemporary cities in the language of ink painting. Liu qinghe's works are "created" on the basis of reality. It is this kind of creative expression technique, combined with the complex of the ink and ink clock, that has shaped the present liu qinghe.
The exhibition by the us museum executive director LuHong as a curator, exhibition in addition to painting exhibition, will also show some Liu Qinghe work of manuscripts and writing literature, so the audience can more comprehensive and intuitive feel, feel the artist's creative process, and heart. It is also the gallery's ninth research exhibition on contemporary artists.
The exhibition will display more than 100 works by artists liu qinghe in hall 1, 2 and 3 of the museum. The exhibition is divided into four theme units: "pink ink", "red wall", "grey %" and "vernacular Chinese". In the exhibition hall 1, artist carefully built the stage of a "pink ink" : all kind "suspended" on the two pieces, synthetic around a dark space, under the lights of the foil atmosphere more ambiguous; Exhibition hall 1 pair hall work "red" series is the artist thinking of current society, people's state of mind, "big bed", "hot day", or "red" as if to speak of an inner and outer world cut off; The ash % 2 hall works is artist Liu Qinghe over the past two years the latest big picture, works are shrouded in a gray tone, images of the boundaries of chaos, presents an for the return of the ink color; The series of works of "bai hua" in hall 3 are mostly small. They depict the growth track of individuals in the social context, weave the fragments of memory, and assemble the map of consciousness almost in the way of chronicle.
The theme of this exhibition, "the same dust", to a large extent reflects liu qinghe's current humanistic mood -- real and transcendent, which seems to be an art view, but more like a world view.