wang shuang's solo exhibition "walking through"

From June 14, 2018 to August 14, 2018, wang shuang's solo exhibition "walking through" will be exhibited in hall 6 of wuhan he art museum.

Wang shuang was born in wuhan in 1987 and graduated from chongqing university. Many works have been awarded, exhibited and compiled in national and provincial art exhibitions, and have been published by many media magazines or collected by art institutions and collectors at home and abroad. The exhibition was hosted by lu hong, the museum's executive director, and planned by wang weiqi, the director of the design department. At the same time, the exhibition is also one of the projects of the young artists promotion program of creative world.
The works in this exhibition include wang shuang's recent works on the shelf, painting devices and some creative manuscripts, which show the artists' thinking and understanding in a certain stage systematically. On the whole, wang shuang's works are deeply influenced by the German neo-expressionism, but on this basis, he is well integrated into the concepts and techniques of traditional freehand paintings. Therefore, his works under the condition of the oil painting characteristics into full play, and consciousness to draw lessons from the traditional inverse drawing or circular composition characteristics, the intention of ink painting modelling method and spring pen. Topics, the reaction to his understanding of life and thinking works, make the theme of each stage has different focus, it also makes it between his works and works present a abound change and relatively independent.
The exhibition, entitled "walking through", not only implies that artists do not want to be too constrained by the definition of subject matter, but also constantly break through themselves to seek new inspirations and experiences. At the same time, it also suggests that the viewer can follow the artist's jumping thinking and walk freely in the dramatic space created by the artist.