hu mengxing's solo exhibition of "self-recreation"

From June 14, 2018 to August 14, 2018, hu mengxing's solo exhibition of "self-recreation" will be exhibited in hall 5 of wuhan he art museum.

Hu mengxing, born in hubei province in 1988, graduated from the school of fine arts of capital normal university and the school of art and visual communication of long island university in New York. The exhibition was hosted by lu hong, executive director of the museum, and curated by sun jiangshu, director of the collection department.
Most of the works in this exhibition were created by hu mengxing after he returned to China, which is a stage combing his art language. Her work as a whole presents the changeable color flow and exquisite and rich color layer superposition between competing, as the image abstraction, like writing also like daub, also can say she is a kind of Oriental writing and writing, to re-examine the eastern and western abstract art in western blot out all roads lead to Rome. It is worth mentioning that artists on the choice of subject matter, in addition to performance and traditional landscape painting scenery image, into their own subconscious and working state, which makes her works in between concrete and abstract, very mean.
Exhibition with "from swimming at ease" as the theme, using the artist's own words "is created some imaginary landscape painting, cultivate one's morality of static sexual self-exploration, is to use the returned home after the openness and tolerance of rice paper to express" play "state". It is hoped that the audience can also view hu's "self-created landscape" with the attitude of "playing", and then realize his own life state.