"Hello, children, 2018 children's Paintings Exhibition"

An important phenomenon of Western art in the twentieth Century was that many artists tried to return to childlike creation, and Rousseau, Kali, Kali, and Milo were all familiar to us. Picasso once said, "when I was a teenager, I painted like an ancient master, but I spent my whole life learning how to draw like a child." Indeed, as we see at this exhibition, children's paintings use "pure eyes" to see the world without any constraints, no rules, imagination and creativity. From their picture, we can see the children's unique world, their thinking, their care, their interest, their happiness, their naughty, their frankness.

The paintbrush in the hands of the children is often the most free and rich, because their imagination is not bound by reality, their thinking is not bound by the objective logic, whether the words in the mouth, or the paintings in the hands, are all from heart, without carve and no block. Childlike innocence, child painting without forbidden, seemingly seemingly irrelevant, but it is the most real reflection of things. American poet Maya Angelou said, "creativity is endless. The more you use it, the more you have." My greatest wish for all the children who participated in the exhibition, and to all the children who liked the exhibition, was never to give up their imagination and creativity in their daily life. At the same time, we hope that every visitor can enjoy the painting heaven from the childish heart like children.

Art Gallery
May 24, 2018