The Disappearance of Space, the End of Time

"The space disappears, and the end of time -- zhu LAN solo exhibition" will open at 4:30 PM on May 18 at the art gallery. This exhibition is planned by the critics, and the director of the museum, lu hong, is the academic chair. The exhibition is divided into ink and image on paper. On the paper, ink painting has been the continuous and changing work of the abstract ink painting for years. The image part is the interaction between the image artist and the ink artist in the new media means.

Artist pieces of me in Beijing and Kyoto university of the arts to accept education between eastern and western art, her clever blend in eastern and western cultures in ink painting work, not sedulous pursuit of abstract, but with no specific image record clear but the ineffable specific feeling, is the tangible, intangible and "silent sound" at this time have the same effect, it is this borderless and uncertainty, she found the light of the real inside, this kind of real let she can maintain a state of freedom, and make the unimpeded here, let time and heart, this is what she needs to achieve the ideal state.
Zhu's abstract ink works are the interleaving of dotted line, the flow of ink and the use of other pigments, which makes the lack of reference objects present a clear visual structure and become an identifiable object. Strangely, the shape of the dark and the capricious and gradual line forms a harmonious, warm and sensitive gray and emits a transparent layer. Addition and subtraction, complexity and simplification, are the creative ways that zhu LAN is willing to take. She tried to keep herself as free as she could, trying to eliminate all the extra impurities, even forgetting her past experience and habitual fluency, and she was faced with transcending herself.
In particular, the image section of the exhibition will refer to the music exposition of the abstract nature of the painting by the famous French musician meixian, "the end of time quartet". The whole exhibition USES images and music to analyze the connotation of the work through a special representation. It is also to illustrate the different and consistent efforts of abstract painting and music in their respective fields.
The exhibition will last until August 18, and a series of public education activities will be held to better display the public benefits of the exhibition.